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There are many ways to provide a room in your house with a unique look and feel but there is perhaps no better way to give your room a distinctive, unique look than through decorative plaster.


The sheer elegance of an arch doorway, room divide or recess area adds another dimension to your home.  Discreetly simple or bold lines - arches are timeless in style and elegance.

Fire Surrounds and Niches 

Beautiful fire surrounds and classic niches are the perfect means of creating a focal point in your home.

The heart of the home is the fireplace.  The classic elegance of a plasterglass fire surround will complement traditional and contemporary décors and add to the uniqueness of your home.

Niches can be used in any wall, hallway or gallery, regardless of size. Whether niches are used for the permanent display of treasured objects, or to hold generous flower arrangements, they are certain to enhance any area.

Decorative Corbels 

Corbels add a touch of class and that uniqueness to any home.  Corbels can be used for purely decorative purposes or to help support architectural features such as archways.